Sunday, April 15, 2012

Ragged 4 hours of fun

So I have been hearing about this place called ragged for quite some time now and after a few attempts I managed to make it happen. The start was 9:00 and I was hopeless showing up with somewhat fresh legs and at the mercy of the forest. Mike was our leader and Pat trailing close behind with some knowledge of the trails himself and me eager but not quite feeling on par tried to keep up. It was one very nice warm saturday morning and spring has showed it's face once again and brought back the sweat fest I remember. We climbed a common dirt and mostly gravel road up to where the fun began on the single track. It was tight, it was twisty it had logs, it had very very natural features cured by a Mountain Biker to give it that great touch. Shortly they lost me in the distance but I just kept at it waiting to find what was coming next. It was some good trail on that stretch and a lot of rock was found since I think it shares the spine that runs through WH and Penwood parks. Soon we were at a large overlook where you could see the bowels of New Britain to the south and Lake Compounce to the west. As I looked down I could see large reservoirs surrounding us feeling almost like wilderness lakes but were wild I suppose but close to these gawd awful human beings. We descended quick down the backside and onto a road where we picked trail back up at Crescent Lake. These trails were very smooth and pretty flat and had some log rides and all sorts of goodies. I was loving this stuff. I guess it's a pretty small network of trails so we were done there quickly and then made way into a beat up trail that pretty much beat me up pretty good. We were losing time and had to head back and miss some trail unfortunately. Found myself riding on grass struggling and found shadow in last place with her bell ringing 50 yards behind me. We pedaled awhile before we hit real trail again, but when we did I got a rude awakening that we were back at Ragged. I just kept cranking, strong but slower which was no biggy for me , don't get me wrong I like to keep up but I'm not losing any sleep over it. Soon we came to a decent rocky downhill and I hit a line that worked and so did for the other two. Soon a long downhill and to the car....4 hours later a mighty 15 miles may not sound like much but there was some work done I assure you. Sessions of jumps, logs and other such were plentiful! I had to haul out of there and get to Farmington to drop my bike off and get home to spend some day with my wife. One heck of a good day I must say, I can see why I can rarely do these rides. I left the house at 8:00am and did not get home until 3:30pm......Hope you enjoy the video

Ragged to crescent

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