Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Good Morning

Finally got out on the morning ride! I have been lazy on getting them started and have now started the cycle. With having Nathan Hale trails right out my door I can now take a nice shower before I go into work which is a huge plus! I am sure I will still do a trumbull or West Rock rides but it's comforting knowing I can do it right at home. I was on trail by 6am which wasn't very hard doing. I had plenty of light and nice moist trail on a cool 45 degree morning. I forget how great it is to start the day off like this. I set aside the headphones so I can hear the birds chirp and woodpeckers peck, both were in abuncance and very welcomed. I hopped on the Kona Dawg since I was feeling like something different and at first it felt like a clunker but then smoothed out and actually despite feeling a bit crammed on the frame comapred to the Tanuki it pedaled real smooth and shocks were in good order. Traction on those WTX prowlers are fricken good, despite rubbing here and there with 2.5 width they dig right into anything I ask of it, seriously great tires if you don't mind weight. Got in some 90 minutes of good trails and made yet another loop out of the trails of Hale, I have made some really good loops I am sure nobody has ever done or thought of. Now let's see if I can make this a habit, mon-weds-fri at least two morning rides a week.......

Morning hale

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