Sunday, April 8, 2012

Thursday Night At The Resevoir

Got out to somewhere I have been a few time only and had a absolute blast. It was a nice warm breezy evening and I had two + hours to ride. Life is good and so were the legs as I planned maybe a two lap ordeal. Still unsure of the best routes I took the highest and most fun looking trails and with no fail I succeeded. Climbing at the Reservoir is not bad, it entails one climb up to the ridge and pretty mellow pedaling form there. The ridge is one of a kind, there are a small network of trails up top but all offer some rocky fun. Things are pretty smooth here when your not riding over large slick rock. I forget how fun it is up on the ridge when you are playing around on a bunch of rocks. A few log rides are thrown into the mix and were welcomed. Descending off the ridge is a lot of fun, it offers a pretty good descent just long enough to get into a good rythm. I then found another trail I have yet to ride which had quite a few log rides and some features that looks like a 12 year old built but worked. Then made my way back aound the lake which doesn't really offer much choices but I took a new way I never had to mix it up. Then I headed back up for lap 2, now I was bit short on time so I rode mostly fire roads when I got up high and pedaled hard and still had a good time. After 2.15 I was back to the car and feeling mighty good accomplishing my thursday goal!

Good time at wh rez

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