Thursday, April 12, 2012


Got out a good ride with Pat N Derek N Mike. Been a little while since I rode with the quick group and suffered a little on the SS on hills and bumps but I managed to keep them in eyesight. We started at a new location I never have before and even rode two trails I never have either. Just when I thought I rode everything Case had to offer two new one show up. Nothing lengthy but fun none the less. It was a long two hours chasing those guys through the woods. Towards the end it was getting soo tough pedaling with resistance in the drive train so I had to pull over and found the eccentric bottom bracket was self tightening itself causing my chain to over tighten making it tough moving. After loosening it up and unsure how it came about, I think if it's in the right spot after landing from catching some air time the tightening bolts cannot withstand the force and it slips enough in the right direction it would normally do if it was loose. No biggy, I have to dismantle the piece this weekend since the frame crack is getting bigger and need to warranty another frame if all goes as planned. This would be my second frame I have destroyed in the last 18 months....... its the exact same location as the last crack which leads me to believe this is the frames weak point. Dismantle pics and crack should show up on here soon...........that ride kicked my butt........another ride tonight wahooooooooo!!!!!!!!!

Back end of case

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