Saturday, April 21, 2012

Moring Hale

Good stuff, got out on my 2nd morning ride this week. After Mesh I was feeling very little life in my legs and but was still ready to tackle the trails. A local rider name Colin, who also gets to ride right from his house was to join me at 6am for 90 minutes of cool moist single track! He warned me he was a bit tired from his thursday ride but he showed little of that, I was trying to chase him down the whole ride but having a good time trying. I was surprised to find that he is a veteran of Hale and responsible for building some of the trails there and knows all the names and ins and outs. He has done great work for Hale and appreciate his efforts. It was a fun ride and we plan to do tuesday morning rides from here on out. I did not ride today, saturday, I was extremely tired for some reason and after a morning filled with yard work I was wiped out and slept most the afternoon. Rain is coming and it will be ugly so I look forward t some down time and giving these leggers some rest.

Hale am ride

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