Thursday, April 26, 2012

Ohhh Yeah

Another great rip at Mesh. Place has not gotten old one bit yet. Still probably had two handfuls of rides here and still just getting the hang of the layout. We were rolling 8 deep, and as soon as it came time to ride the skies rained down on us. The rain was no big deal, it added some work and careful safety steps to take on rocks and roots but was no trouble what so ever. The crowd was moving at a quick pace and I was able to keep with it just fine. Rode white dot in other direction and like it much better. For those that don't know, white dot is a pretty hairy technical trail that is done by some without stepping off the bike but is very long and a lot of work! On the way out some jumps were hit and luckily I was trailing behind Pat to use him to judge the speed cause there were some good 10+ foot gaps. Onto the other side of the road for a quick 10 more minutes and we were out. Took a bit to clean the crap off the bike, no mud just all sorts of debris. Had a really great ride and can't wait for the next.

Mesh in some rain

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