Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Toasty Monday

So temperatures hit 89 in my car yesterday and it felt great! This year it appears so far I do not have severe allergies like last year which is great cause I could do without the inhaler. Seriously I was scared to death of this spring and for some reason my body is seemingly un affected. So depite massive pollen floating around and coating cars now I got home and cranked out 10 miles at Hale. I was in a very good mood and legs felt stronger than normal and I just had a good ol time out there. Played with the rebound on the rear shock a little and things feel sooo much better, there is hope in that rear shock after all. Bike together just feels so good, I already am wondering what the story with my SS will be since it's at the shop awaiting raleigh to come around and see what we can do. I am really debating selling both my old FS and SS and putting it towards another 26" FS bike that will literally just sit and be back up while I beat the snow out of my new one........who knows, there a nice Kona Unit screaming ym name at EMS maybe if they can drop it below it's $900 by alot I can manage to pick it up....lifes changing fast and some new arrangements are in store so who knows......all I know if I absolutely love my tanuki it does it all for me but I feel absolutely terrible beating it on every ride. Oh well that's what they're made for. No ride today with scouts and all, I'm smelling wednesday morning ride and thursday night ride!!!!!!!

Hale in spring

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