Thursday, April 5, 2012

Loving Life

One lucky man I am, I have a good job, a great wife, two awesome dogs and some great biking trails seconds from my door step. The last few days I have not gotten out on full 2 hour rides but due to my location I snuck out two hourish rides and each one has been so great. The weather is so awesome with temps in the 50's with a breeze and the trails have been moist and leaf free. I am so incredibly lucky to have two good working bikes and switch off them regualarily in ease. Life is good and I am loving every moment of it, life can change drastically in a split second and I can honestly say I truly cherish every single one of these days I get to spend on this earth. I feel sad for those unfortunate and spend day to day suffering in so many places of the world. My heart goes out to them and I do realize and so should all of you that the life we live here and time we spend riding fancy bikes on the trails should not be the only thing our minds focus on. Donate what you can, take care of your fellow man and just be a GOOD person!

Now with that spiritual rant out of the way yesterday's ride was awesome! I missed a 3:00 ride that I obviously wanted to go on but I managed to get on trail a little after 5. I saw those lousy bums from the 3:00 ride in the parking lot on my way in and said hi to them and then sped quickly into the trees. I put together a new loop and really enjoyed it. I rode in full force with gears and was really carrying some speed through the smoothies. I then took a different direction and followed out a planned loop and rode a very popular trail in reverse which I am sure rarely gets done. Did that in under and hour! I was amazed so I threw in squiggle and then across the street to my street and got home after 75 minutes of riding. I cranked 8 miles in that short time which was probably a record for Hale. I had to get home since we had a commitment but today I will get another ride in and this one a full one at who knows where........Rideo On!

Good stuff

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