Tuesday, April 3, 2012

This dude finally rode again

So i rode last Monday and didn't get out until this Monday. I had my good friend Dave in town since Wednesday and weather was lousy most the time so I never made it out. Until last night that it. Had a ripping good time, really loving being so close to the trails it give me that much more time to ride and on some might good trails! I started off screaming fast on the SS and then dies off sharply after an hour. It was great being out there the weather was really good and had nice moist dirt. Really loving life! Looks like my next shot is Thursday but if I can I will do tomorrow morning. Boring I know, little time to do my blog lately kinda wimpy but I don't think I am really leaving anybody hanging..........all 1 follower if that

This was the 26th of march, really good loop with pat

Windy monday at hale

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Then this bad boy was last nights ride, a shorty since I had lots to do at home after my buddy left.

Prine tine @ hale

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