Monday, April 23, 2012

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Great Western Trail- Salt Lake City-September 15th 2009 So my friend Brent had seen on a mountain biking website that A photographer had posted that was looking to get some mountain biking photos. So we setup a day that would work out good and another biker was going to be joining us. When the day arrived it was looking dim, the clouds were raining lightly in the valley and looked dark and miserable up high. I really wish I had checked more into the weather as I reluctantly headed up the canyon. I was really excited to get a professional to take some photos and not cost me a thing. As we got way up high onto the trail head it was mighty chilly up there. With a sense of adventure the three of us headed up loaded with camera equipment. He chose a few spots one had us riding through the aspens in a puddle. His gear was covered in zip lock bags and after setting up I couldn't imagine these pictures working out. We did what he told us and kept taking run after run to get shots he wanted. I forget why I had my full face on but it was a bad choice, with goggle and the fog I was making made it nearly impossible to see. Onto location number two, by now it was pouring and the skies begin to thunder and light up. I was pretty nervous but these guys weren't sweating it sop further up the great western trail we went. By now we were were probably 3 miles up and setting up for the second shot. We then rode up and down trying to get the right shots. By now the lightening was getting really scary and we packed up and then rode one of the most stormy descents of my life! By the time I got to the car I was so freezing cold I was shaking uncontrollably and it felt good to be back to the old volvo. The end results were ok, not too impressive but what a great location for a shoot!

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