Sunday, April 8, 2012

Hello My Old Friend

So I live in quiet Coventry now and out of the crowded apartment complex of manchester. My rides use to consist of driving 20 minutes to Case Mountain multiple times a week. But now I got Nathan Hale forest right at my doorstep. So naturally I ride the crap out of Nathan Hale lately, but with some free time on saturday I had a little time to travel but not too far so I chose Case. It feels weird to have not been there in awhile, it was welcomed as I climbed up the carriage path with Bentley trailing. I put him back on ride duty for this one since he never once got a tick at Case I think. He was slow form playing ball and a walk with LuAnn and I. It was great having him, we took off on blue and headed out towards tinti and then to the reservoir. Tinti was groomed to perfection, it's such a neat trail that takes you through a heavily logged area, I enjoyed having a good ride down it and then headed the the reservoir where I pulled out the water toy and let Bentley go for a swim. He nearly drowned with his head sinking below the water, it appeared he forgot how to swim.....he has this problem where he wants to touch bottom with his paws when he can instead of swim for whatever reason. He has always been a cruddy swimmer for some reason despite those huge webs in his paws. So on the second try he remembered how to paddle and fetched the buoy successfully. After a few more of those we were back headed to the car. It was a great day out there, and absolutely loving spring!

Hello case

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