Friday, September 7, 2018

Last one :( Huntington for the win

Ok Monday morning was my last crack at a ride, it was up and early for me and I got riding at the crack of light. Let me just say riding under the canopy of trees has been incredible, all aspects have been incredible to be honest! This morning was humid! 97% humid! I was feeling the last 8 days straight of rides, but stillplenty of enough in the tank to enjoy 90 minutes of Huntington. I had more of a mission to hit the north end of the trails, by the time I made it up there after some easy riding I wish I had more time, what I did ride was great however and something to look forward to. The humidity felt great, the whole trip has been a success and really really made me not miss the desert what so ever, so much that I could move back to CT and enjoy the North East. Oh please make this next 1.5 years go by fast and hope so badly we can settle down somewhere for good wherever the heck it is, just not near a city!

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