Friday, September 7, 2018

Case Mountain for the win!

Wow I cna say I was most excite to get back to Case Mountain, Derek told me a few weeks ago when I asked him to join me on a ride that I woudn not recomend the place, turns out he was spot on! 90% of the ride I had no idea I was even at Case. John Jisch joined us as well and the two older gentlemen put the beat down on me as usual, we rode some really really good trails. Case is not very technical and that was welcomed as I was fighting to kepp up somewhat, I noticed a little fatigue around hour 1 of 2 but I just kept chuggin on getting served up some lush cool perfect green session in the woods. When the ride was done I was complete, I wanted to ride more but my mind and bosy said tomorrow is another day and I was excited to get home and be with family. I must say riding in CT s far has been a dream come true, its just as good as I remember it, even better actually!

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