Tuesday, September 4, 2018

New England Shake DOWN!

holy crap! I was not prepared for how awesome it was going to feel to be back in CT< the greenery, the humidity the trails I was in state of euphoria. I wanted to see how the bike was running since the next day I had a ride scheduled with some friends and wanted things in tip top shape. After a few minutes of sleep the night before on the red eye I was a bit beat but every bit excited to ride! The ride actually lifted me up and a surge of energy came in and I had a great ride. I tried to ride what I remembered in my head and then used some trail map to figure out the rest. Some wrong turns were made but more rights than wrong, I use what memory I did have from the past and some on trailforks. I had unlimited time to ride but was anxious to get back home to spend time with my parents. after a little over an hour I was smiling from ear to ear and was sooooo happy

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