Saturday, March 17, 2012

Can't get no betta

Wholly crap, what a day! I arrived in Salt Lake to the dry stuff up behind the Unversity of Utah. Brent had 30 or so minutes to pedal with me so we got cracking. Quickly my heart rate was adjusting. The background of the magnitude of the Wasatch made for one more beautiful backdrop. The sun just peeking over them was hitting most of the Oquirrh Range glowing in orange on the snowy peaks. This was going to be one good morning as I knew from the moment I woke up. We pedaled up the pavement and then hit gravel and then Dry Creek. Brent hadn't done much riding lately since in Utah usually your on a mandatory 4-5 month winter downtime. He did a great job keeping up with this guy who rides probably too much sometimes. I kept throwing him memories like oh man remember and it was great to be on that trail one more time with a good friend. We cranked up to the overlook and things were feeling pretty good. Unfortunately this was our turn around point with the time Brent had so we shot back down the hill and then we parted ways. I cranked back up Dry Creek Canyon once again, with a fierce heart and fresh legs I conquered it once again clean. By now the sun was hitting the upper trail and glowed in bright beams of yellow. Off I went storming up and down the shoreline trail taking in great views of the city. I was missing my furry pal who used to run these trails with me..... I soon arrived at olympic hill, cleaned it. Onwards until I hit the top of Bobsled trail where I won the lottery and found it dry. I tore down the top bit and hit mud and got worried but shortly it cleared. The GT was hurting, the fork had seen an entire summer of abuse and the brakes were not much better. None the less I kept the bike well in control and stormed down the berms and came upon the first car jump. The trail is constantly evolving and this had me take the wrong line and came up short....sketchy since the safe roof landing is gone now. I retraced my steps and found the new line that must be taken and stomped the car section. Feeling pretty good by then and made my way down the rest. By the end I had a smile ear to ear, I was in absolute heaven that I just got to complete my favorite trails of all time one more time. I really have no idea when I will be back in Utah so this was cherished. I proceeded to pedal for 4.5 hours and 27 miles of pure awesome!

hate youtube!!!! had to use their lame music

Greatest day! Utah

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