Sunday, October 18, 2020

Thursday with Robbie!

We got out Monday morning to stretch our legs, South Mountain was the place to go and hit some of the new trails. It was murder trying to keep up, turns out Robbie was on a 18t and that led me to eating dust, not that I could keep up on 18t we will just have to see. It was nice out and made our way West on SOMO. It was standard until we connected the road to the west side trails. Old memories fluctuated in and out. When we got to Bersera connector on the far end, that was the bets stuff! On our way back we headed up Helip pad on the new cut. Was a hard climg on my SS and proved too hard on the 18t for Robbie which is why I ride 20t, I cleaned the whole climb and stoked! The rest was easy peasy, added in the other new trail and nice cruise to the lot.

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