Sunday, October 4, 2020

South central somo

I set off for two new trails at somo. I parked at the warpaint trailhead and wholy smokes it was packed! I get spoiled with most my ride spots not loaded up. Despite the cars it didn't feel that busy out there. New trail came up fast, it started off wide and bland and then dipped steeply into a few drainages. A few punchy climbs and I was now at helipad with options. I decided to go up for some reason so up I went. A few hike a bikes and hopped on the other new trail, it's a smoother option for getting up or down the side of goat. Good stuff and back onDesert Classic to ride past telegraph. I have only been out this far only a few times, on of which my very first ride in Arizona! I headed back used some of the new trail and then down some goat and back onto desert classic for a spin on some more trails to close out a great week back on the trails, I am pretty much back 100%

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