Saturday, February 23, 2019

Weather Window

Anxiously monitoring the forecast hours before the ride I was thinking I would be riding no matter what given I am a desperate bafoon. I headed for the trail in the morning, it was raining lightly on the drive and then as I got my gear on at the trailhead my ambition was fading, I forced myself to pedal and into Hawes I went. Cold and not feeling it I made it a mile and listened to my heart this time and turned around as the conditions were crappy enough to warrant cutting the ride off. I went and accomplished a few errands and noticed the skies begin to change, the weather was taking some sort of brake, I kinda started to convince myself maybe it was worth trying again. I ran home and packed away my groceries and loaded up and off I went. I bega my pedal in a mist up the neighborhood pavement to ease my boredom. Then onto dirt and things were looking pretty good. I was shooting for an hour or more and after a great descent I was back climbing a surprisingly fresh track, some other silly person was out there too. At the top of secret we met, not somewhere I ever see anyone let alone a day like this. I gave him kudos and off I went. Comfortable and willing to pedal I finished the loop feeling very very good I went back to have at it. It really was a break in the weather as it let loose not long after the ride. Ambition paid off for me I am thankful.

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