Sunday, February 3, 2019

New trail at Hawes

I have to admit I have known about this new trail for some weeks now, was not wild about the hike up to it until I finally bucked up and went out after the morning ride in greed on a glorious of a day. With the pedal up the paved neighborhood legs felt funky but warmed right up, it felt really good to be out in the middle of the day on the bike getting extra miles. Once I broke off onto climbing it got ugly real quick. I had no hop to pedal much of the bit up to Cactus Garden of much of Cactus Garden but the views and excercise was pleasant so bring it on. It took a lot longer to get to begining of the new trail, I kept thinking I missed it was I got higher and higher. When I did reach it I was stoked to start descending. I was greeted by stunning views. The trail was narrown and sketchy and I loved every bit of it! The flowers and views were distracting and being on a new trail was total bliss!!!!!!!! The trails is wild and untamed and loose but rewards are to be had! I will be back.

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