Monday, July 13, 2015

Shore Lining

    Leaving the country next week, I will be in CT for a few days and no amount of begging will likely turn up a ride while I am there. So off I went on a Saturday night after we put the boy to sleep and I was looking for something different to get my shred on and time allowed a bobsled run. It was shaping to be a beautiful evening and hitting the trail I mostly had it all to myself. The colors and scenery is close to the city but theres tall grasses and pockets of luck single track. I climbed up Red Butte which has become new routine, it's brutal climb but with gears much more of it can be ridden upwards. Upon entering Dry Creek I was feeling fuzzy and joyous all over as my good memories flew into my mind during my climb. Many good rides have been had in this area, and I am fortunate to keep adding to them. The golden lights were shining under a cloud offering staggering imagery to my eyeballs. I rode on and then lost the magical light under cloud cover, then dropped into Bobsled for fast run, always missing a larger traveled bike but doing the job damn well with 130mm. A fast run had me down safely and heading on the return leg of the trip. Hitting the car I was looking for more but got my 50 miles this week and that will be it for 2 weeks. See you then!

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