Sunday, July 12, 2015

Disaster strikes

  It was early, 4am that I set my alarm so I could get up to my favorite riding spots in Park City. I was wide eye and ready to go, loaded up the bike and off I went. For some reason as I was headed down the highway I was watching my bike, despite being in complete darkness my running tails lights still let me know it was there. I rounded I215 and saw a horrifying sight, my bike had just let loose and tumbled down the interstate. My heart absolutely sank as reality set in, I pulled over as fast as I could and jumped out running full speed to find my bike. It was total darkness and it took no time to find my bike in the middle of the roadway. I saw lights coming, can I run out an make it? Not worht my life, I watched as this vehichle has 4 lanes to choose from to avoid my bike, odd were in my favor 1 in 4 chance. The headlights grew near and I held my breath, POP the bike takes a direct hit from the massive pickup truck. My worst fear is now evident, surely alot of things must have just broke. Cursing and screaming at myself I ran to my bike to find it far beyond repair. The frame severely bent and cracked, both tires blown off the rime from the impact, rear wheel completely mangled as well as rotor and hub, brakes, not functioning, seatpost and seat appear ok, handlebars ok, fork seems ok, front wheel toast.........I could not believe what just happened, did the unfortunate driver stop to scream his head off at me, I think not, he likely drove on in a drunken stuper. My mangled dream machine lie in death before me as I stick it in the car and head home to see it in better light. Fears are confirmed, a total loss. My old ass hitch rack had finally showed its age and apparently straps failed despite me securing the bike properly. Tough lesson learned, fingers crossed insurance takes care of me and I can get a new bike and a new bike rack. So sad to see this bike go, for some reason though this had to happen.

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