Friday, July 31, 2015

CT Quick Ride

   I was dying to ride some CT trails during our 3 day stay before our family vacation in the Bahamas, I kind of succeeded in a way but not really in the way I wanted. Over a year ago I broke my Raleigh frame and it was warrantied many weeks later with a Redline Monocog. I never got to see the bike since I had already moved to Utah but decided I would leave it there until I visited next summer so I could enjoy the trails. I was excited to see it and indeed it was looking and riding really good still. The components are a real test of use, that WTB Speed Disc wheelset is cheap and such a good bang for the buck. The bike was all ready to go despite narrow handle bars I will replace. I found a short window between packing and the toddler sleeping so I went into the backyard on a old route I use to use to get to the reservoir. The reservoir is off limits to people but I go down there whenever I can, it's really peaceful and I always loved it down there. The ride was smooth and made a little loop that cheered up my blues.

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