Tuesday, July 7, 2015

The Bird!

   Completely forgot about Snowbirds trail, when I looked it up it's official opening was the 4th of July weekend but I knew some others were already riding it. I could look at starve segments and see a few people that made it to the top so I was off for a morning ride to ride the beast. I have ridden it only once and was not too impressed. It is a stunning area to ride like none other, Gad Valley is really open and beautiful. After exiting the car a family of raccoons strolled by and then I was off looking for the Midway trail in the darkness of my headlamp. Apparently my memory failed me as I took a few trails and wrong turns before finally finding my trail. Immediately I spotted a dark figure, a young moose, he took his time getting up and I tried to get a picture. It was not long before the climb really took shape, a long steady climb with really no relief for two hours until you reach Hidden Peaks Summit.
    As light came in the scenery lit up, it was cloudy and a few drops had fallen but after exiting the pines the wildflowers began. I love the change of pace on this ride, while there is no room for the weak climbers, it offers something other trails cannot. It was pleasure and suffer climbing all the way up to the top. The views from above were stunning and then I would drop in on a  30 minute DH giggle. Another thing is the DH is not all that great, it leaves a lot to be desired and I hope Snowbird steps up their game soon but in the mean time the Big Mountain DH trail fit the bill.

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