Monday, July 13, 2015

The ride must go on

  Well I woke up early enough to pull myself together and use my remaining bike in memory of my beloved Belltown. My mind was extremely busy on this ride but it was a nice morning to get out and I moved on kind of as I climbed up a spot I had not planned to ride that morning. With a bit of a broken heart I headed for Jacobs Ladder where I could take my anger out on a solid DH. As I neared the top I dropped in on a slow feeling run, I have definitely felt much faster before. Then on to Ghost Falls and climbed back up for a run down Rush. Rush has seen some work, decent work I guess but I always want faster steeper trails. Put in my two hours and arrived home to break the horrible news about my bike, my wife cried for me, since tears never came from me. It's been a good ride Belltown, not sure if I will be back but man it was a good ride!

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