Monday, July 13, 2020

Honzo and Sir9 demo

Robbie ran into a shop with a Honzo demo and that peaked my interest. Turns out they had a niner sir 9 as well, another bike I am interested in. So we got both demos since Robbie is still figuring out his options after riding multiple bikes. I have always loved the idea of the honzo but never committed to buying without a demo. Now I was finally going to get my chance, we headed for Somo and I started of on the Sir 9. Immediately it felt great, gears and shocks were not my preference and I quickly had to figure out a climbing gear on chucky stuff. The bike was very comfortbale climbing and up and over a few things and did it's job well. Then I hopped on the Honzo and felt about the same exept for what felt like less reach. We swapped one more time to mix up descents and ascents. Both bikes were great but at the en of the day too heavy and not agile enough for my liking. My opinion could change with some lightweight components but for now I happily enjoy my two bikes. Robbie is building up a Pivot Les and I am really excited to see how it feels.

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