Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Funky Friday

Well I set off Friday looking for some fresh meat, with time of the essence I set off for the picket post located up the hills along the Arizona Trail. Ready as can be I arrived to the trailhead and found many many horse trailers, like easily 20 of them, and lots of vehicles. I was really bummed since it was looking to be a very very busy trail day. Regretting my decision I was in for it and almost thought about not riding, since the AZT is sweet narrow single track and would be an absolute nightmare with caravans of horse people. Set off with low expectations, began to climb steadily, this one definitely has some elevation. Feeling just fine enjoying the views and then I used my brakes. They felt completely wrong, the pistons were not retracting and were grabbing onto the rotors dragging my legs with them. As I climbed i could feel the brakes grabbing, this was a rough intro to a long haul climbing with brakes sucking my energy from me. Needless I carried on enjoy person and animal free rest air. Had about 2 hours to ride and hit my turnaround point. Always expecting a sweet long Dh it's a bit of a mix of ups and downs but it was very good despite frustration with my brakes. I got home and found out early Sram Guide brake levers are known to be a culprit here especially in Arizona, looks like warranty for me if all goes well :) then sell them and get some Shimano!

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