Thursday, February 2, 2017

San Tan Zoo

Felt awhile off the bike but being only two days off I was back on for the normal Thursday. I was feeling brave for some reason and headed for San Tan. Arriving to the lot it was packed, not many spots left actually, by far busiest I have seen it. With nowhere to turn I geared up and snapped the harness on my IXS Trail Rs helmet, bummed but can't knock it it's seen 5,000 miles and two years of riding. Up Dynamite I went and noticed the scenery was quite green, not used to seeing San Tan like this, it was actually quite nice out too at 65 and tiny layer of cloud to help with my sunblock to prevent the sun from killing me. The place was busy, I came across many hikers and horses. Not my idea of riding my bike but I do know I get spoiled. Soon the heat will come and I will be the only fool out there with it to myself I suppose.

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