Sunday, February 26, 2017

Saturday Blast

Headed over to Phoenix Sonoran Preserve for more of a sampling. I enjoyed my first trip out there a few weeks ago and this one was no different. I started off on Sidewinder and rode most the way around the mountain in the dark being blessed with wildflowers and awesome! The temperature read 37F which should have felt colder but I LOVED IT! I hopped onto Ocotillo which I have never rode and enjoyed it as it rollercoasted it's way along the hillside. It was over before I knew it and the sun was no above the horizon and the lighting and desert was spectacular. Then it was onto Badger Brawl, easy green trail along a wash filled with plenty of pristine single track and lush green growth. It was mellow but I really liked it. Then it was on Apache Wash loop, another mellow loop with plenty of beauty. My time was up after 2 hours and happy with the mornings ride.

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