Saturday, March 4, 2017

Sunday Fam Day

On Sunday my wife was buried into her schoolwork, I had managed most the day at home and came up with the idea to take Landon out on the trail a bike. I told him what we were up to and he didn't see any problem with it or much excitement either. This would be out first time out by ourselves and with the heat closing in I gave the extra ambition and out me and the boy went headed for Usery. It takes a bit getting use to and nerve wrecking with cactus lined trails but this is the spot with the tame trails. We got going and did a fast hotting and hollering loop, its an absolute treat to have him behind me. After one loop I brought him to the little playground, a perfect mid ride break. He played for a good 45 minutes and I had to pull him off the playground to do one more loop. He was happy and I certainly was too! An absolute treat

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