Thursday, March 9, 2017

The Birds All Came Out To Play

So i finally purchased the Parks Pass, never coughed up any money to ride but 3 spots I like to ride require it, only about two I frequent every week. So I for once had paid in full parking as I headed for San Tan, feeling like a sucker I hung up my tag and off I went. The Lot was bumping, I had plenty of people going up and down Dynamite, eclectic mix of peoples out there. This was the busiest I have seen it yet, plenty of users out there, lots of people rapping the states where they are from, what sup with that. Cranked along fast enough to get the 16 mile loops done and Monday accomplished. Two weeks to Utah, hope to ride my bike there, let's see how the wife feels about it, also wasn't to ski, and will definitely be backpacking for 4 days :) I don't know how she will feel when I tell her I am not going back to Arizona:)

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