Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Casa Grande Mountain

On friday I was off at 5am headed for a never ridden spot. I had arranged to help a friend with installing some windows on his home down in the area and I brought the bike to check this place out. With just enough light by 6:10am I was without headlamp and foggily headed onto unfamiliar trails. It started well and then went down the pooper, I decided to hit a fun looking wiggly trail but it turned into a mess of not so good trail. It took some navigating and I was very glad to be down with that trail when I reached to northern parking lot. Now on the Ridge trail things were looking up, pretty narrow winning trail along the hill side. It went up and down the hillside in fashion, some rough sections for sure but all worthwhile. I was moving slowly and didn't feel all that great so far, kiddo passed a cold onto me. I was making just fine time but was ready to be done for the morning. I made my way to the car via East Phricking Butte. Three Chihuahuas was a relief as I got closer to the car and then closed in on it. I can say I was not all that impressed with the trail system, but coming from what I have here in Phoenix I don't need to be, a good explore and adventure.

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