Monday, March 20, 2017

Early O San Tan

Had to guarantee my wife I would be home at 8am was the only way I was allowed to get a ride in. I am always looking for those 50 miles and so far so good this year. I planned for Gold Canyon but found myself instead went to San Tan. It has been HOT, 96 was the high for Saturday, the morning is quite nice at 64F before the sun comes out to try to give you Melanoma. I am getting more bitter and unpleasant as the heat comes on. I just don't know how I am going to do another summer here. Oh well, on with the ride, standard loop for me, pretty quiet that early in the morning. I noticed a rider on me as I climbed Stargazer, I kept him off until the flats and he pedaled around me. Caught up to him on the climb up Dynamite and descent, the fact he was full race gear had me working a little harder to play with. Chatted with him in the parking lot, I guess he was chasing me down for awhile, older fella in great shape, was nice to have someone pushing me a little. I guess I can see why racers do it, but stuff ain't for me.

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