Thursday, March 23, 2017

Speedy Breathtaking Hawes

I don't know how I managed it again, my wife got me a 2 hour window to go ride, I was ecstatic the weather was pleasant and was a cooler day. A I was pedaling in, I was feeling great! I was putting the power down and I felt really good, the scenery was absolutely wonderful, lots of wild flowers, nice light, I LOVE riding this time of the day, much better than 5am alarm clocks. I decided to push hard, see what I can do, I was really happy back on my Trek with 2.3" tires, it really feels better when I am not on this plus tires. I got a phone call from my brother half way thru so I lost my speed ambition but it was good to talk to him over the headphones. Actually talked to him for awhile, and by the time he was off the line I had 10 minutes of ride left, I felt distracted and lost some peaceful views but oh well. Turns out I broke all my personal records while I was on the gas, felt good!

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