Sunday, March 5, 2017

Hoots and hollers

After such a great experience last week, I got the boy to come with me for some riding on Sunday. These are days I don't ride, but since it's with family I am ok with it. My poor wife was buried in her schoolwork and so we headed for Usery for some smooth fun pedal action. We did the first loop quickly and then headed for the little playground. My kiddo loves playground and socializing so surely this is his favorite part and we spend as much time here as we do riding and that's just fine. I am so lucky, raising a kid is hard and I take it for granted and complain way too much sometimes, I friggin love this kid. On our 2nd loop, we were about done and saw the black and white tail of a Wester Diamondback Rattlesnake. I put the brakes on and we were comfortably 20 feet from the snake as he crossed the trail slowly. I was calm and put my boy on my shoulders and we watched the snake as he moved out off the trail and I explained to him the facts about the snake and we calmly got back on the bike and nervously proceeded. I was a little shaken by the experience but was happy it was done. So happy to be out there with my soon having a blast on the trails behind me, I need to get him on GoPro.

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