Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Hot N Pollened

Well the kiddo is off school, he's got two weeks off and then LuAnn is off for two weeks. I was wondering how I was going to get thru the week with a ride, I planned a night ride for monday which actually seemed like quite a good idea considering its 90F outside and it's filling me with rage. My wife assured me I had not need ride in the dark and I could do an evening ride which was absolutely exciting! I love riding that time of the day and was very thankful she was willing to look after me boy while I stretch my legs. Usery was the choice of ride and as the day would have it, I was hit with massive pollen overload. Never quite felt it like this but as I rode my eyes were the first on attack. The scenery was stunning, tons of flowers, lots of lovely light, it was distracting while hunting down possible snakes on the trail. I shredded the normal loop in fashion, it felt good being out there, that time of the day made it all the better to ride. Was getting crushed by the pollen but it was worth it. Man 27.5+ sure makes me feel slow, and the numbers show it too, kind of frustrating, but hope to get some skinnies on the kona one day. Across the road and more fun rolling happy and fuzzy, it was an absolute blast out there but paid the price by mother nature.

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