Saturday, March 4, 2017

Snakey Thursday

A sunny shiny day on Thursday, the pick was Gold Canyon. Armed with sunscreen and a laid back attitude I pedaled cozily into the trail system. Onto Cougar and over to the K trail I decided I wanted to get some Phantom trail action since it's been awhile. I extra cushion on the koans 2.8 tires were nice, I hit a trail named "where ya from" I scratched my head since I had no idea and sure enough on trail forks there it was. A short mini loop had me winning up the hill side for a quick heart rate attack. Then a really fun and too short rock strewn way down and back onto Phantom. I really enjoyed this as I headed back for the car fulfilled. On the way I saw a stick in the trail, turns out it was a snake and I ran it over. I stopped to examine what I hit and turned out to be a Gopher Snake which I actually felt pretty bad I ran over by accident. Had it been a rattler I might not have felt as bad......

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