Monday, March 20, 2017

McDowell Delight

Oooohhh wheee, went out on early morning Friday, got right to it at 6am on the bike with new pedals and a new gear. I can't believe how much smoother the bike is without those sloppy bearings not he Spank Spikes, what a garbage product. I now have Race Face Chesters on which do the trick but I wish they were wider. I was lucky enough that lights aren't required at 6am now as we get further into spring, light came slowly as I rode on Escondido which is such a sweet trail. I was very surprised to find how lush it was, lost of grass and flowers and if there were aspens I would seriously take the landscape for Park City. I LOVE the smells, I can't remember it that well a year ago when I was here, but it reminds me of my Wasatch Mountains since they are somewhat similar. Once Escondido was done it was a way but long pedal on Pemberton out to Gooseneck. I love gooseneck I wish Pemberton was more exciting but no big deal. Thoroughly enjoyed goosenecks beauty and twisting narrow trail. I was enjoying ALL of it!, The Bluff to Wash and that was a fast fantastic ride!

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