Monday, February 5, 2018

New Superfly Sweetness

So I have long been playing out in my head if I found another 2015 superbly SS I just might buy it. Well the day came after a recent search on Craigslist turned one up for sale in Tucson. It was a size bigger than mine but the numbers actually showed it would fit just fine. The price was unbeatable. Excited and nervous I drove down to Tucson to check it out, it was bone stock and felt great so it came home with me. Now I finally have a backup bike and also parts for the Belltown. Not sure which way I am going with the belltown just yet but plenty time to decide. This ride was overdue so I took it to Mcdowells for a shakedown. I chose some different trails and forgot how good it is when your not wasting all that time pedaling Pemberton. With a very very nice change in scenery and delicious trails I was stoked. The bike felt good too, was missing my wheel/tire since the Bontrager Mustangs kind of suck and on narrow 2.2 tires on narrow rim it was rigid but just fine.

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