Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Snake Hoppin

Saturday got started nice and early as usual. It is getting light earlier, luckily still not many people show up unitl after 7am. I had an encounter with a rattler and slipt second decision to bunny hop the sucker. Luckily I was successful and that makes two I have hopped this year. It was pretty chill and I got it off the trail and went about my business. Th second one was on my last RMR lap, I was on the goat connector and I never got to see it but heard it scary close. The trail is on a steep hillside and I passed it which not knowing where it was scared the heck out of me. I went back to get it off the trail and it was persistant at trying to get up the steep side. After spenind a minute or two unable to get it off I grabbed a stick and picked it up. It was kinda fun, but definitely scary. I have now reached a new relationship with the venemous creatures. Some onlookers got to watch the whole thing, I knew they took pictures but where are they!?

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