Saturday, September 8, 2012

Boxed Goods

The Dawg needs some love! Ordered some stuff. Found I killed the headset on my crash that's soon to come.
Odi rogue lock on grips. Always wanted to try these, heard great things.
Easton Monkey Bar 685mm. Rode a few bikes lately with wider bars, love them. Funny thing was I ordered these the day before I clipped a tree on the bar sending me into rocks. Bought them, cause they were 25.00 cheap and quality.
Kenda Excavators. Needed some new rubber and after some searching and giving myself a head ache with all the options out there. I went for budget obviously, 65% off they were 20 bucks a piece! Never rode kendas but had good reviews on mtbr, it's more of an DH tire but it will do the trick.

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