Monday, September 10, 2012

Sunday Euphoria

With a wife busy with the books, I got the go ahead to ride this Sunday which was a welcomed offer. Honestly, not even feeling like riding that morning I was confused, but as the skies cleared and sun warmed, I was ready to go at 2:30. I hit my favorite section which is the trail on the other side of the road and it got ugly quick for me but with once through I got some pedaling in and went along with business. It was nice out, the humidity and temperatures dropped and while it was still a sweat fest for me, it was cooler than normal. With leaves starting to turn on the trees slightly the low level shrubs are still in full green effect for now. As I pedaled down the trail it was great to be out. My mind was a little busy thinking about our baby on the way and all the things coming up but it was not distracting or bothering in any way. Once I finished that section I strolled by the Homestead where the farmers market was wrapping up and a wedding or some kind of party was going on. The smell of food and booze actually seemed appetizing as I rolled by. With a goal of 10 miles in mind I was off on the quick stuff, the SS pushed through what I threw at it and rolled with ease as I put together the finish bit of trails. Got home and did not stop moving as I washed 3 cars, mowed the lawn and took the dogs to the field at Uconn. Watched the sun go down over looking the campus on a blanket with my hot mama, it was quite a day and was so happy to be all together. Added up my miles looks like I will be hitting my 1,000 mile mark within a few weeks!

Hale o sunday

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