Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day Ride

Rode Hale, it's close. I will have to cut riding there soon with all the hunting activities that bring the local rednecks into a shoot and kill mood. I was lazy riding, legs felt very good the enthusiasm was a little low, but morale was high and was a delight to be in the woods 10am on a monday! After being grounded all weekend with this whole bee sting thing it was good to be riding. I found myself halfway through the ride yawning, this happens from time to time and I just don't understand it. Yawning and mountain biking don't mix well, I didn't feel tired but did feel lazy. Sure enough I wasn't paying much attention to a skinny tree on a descent it clipped my bar and threw me to the ground instantly over the bars and on the way down putting impact on my arm and giving me a good scrape. It sucked and hurt and something with the bike felt different. Felt like my head angle changed, the front end is a little looser than normal got to look into it..... That dented my ride and I just wasn't feeling it so I finished and headed home after 9 miles. Great stuff despite

Hale rock eater

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