Thursday, September 13, 2012

Hale cruise

Holy smokes, loving life, got rides in everyday since Sunday! Tomorrow is the 34 week appointment with my wife and we are on cruise control now with not a whole lot going on in the visits lately which is fine. Practicing swaddling and our cloth diaper setup, nervous even doing it on the teddy bears..... Worked from home today and took off on the bike from the house after 1pm for a lunch break ride. Guess what I did, yeah I rode the Tanuki. It started off pretty ugly, every time I switch bikes I end up with a short time having to get used to the setup. I felt like I was a giant on the Tanuki which felt good to me cause it was such a comfortable pedaling position. I had balance troubles in the rocky sections but no biggy. I did a loop highlighted by the Punisher, hit my bars quite a bit and lucky enough to not catch my glove less hands. Legs had no problem putting out the horsepower, I could of rode much longer but had to get back to work. I would like to think I will ride tomorrow but there is a lot going on. I am so happy to be working from home, getting to spend more time with my family and minimizing the dangers of driving so much. I especially look forward to transitioning to working exclusively from home to take care of my little person coming shortly. Who knows what biking will be done come the end of October and the future, it's just too hard to tell. But for now, I will wander them woods in search of euphoria at every chance I get.

Hale pun

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