Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Case Of Goodness

Got some good trail in today at Case, been awhile since I started at the pond lot so I had at it. I have been so fortunate to work my riding schedule into the workday. I am riding in daylight and hardly noticing the time change and I must use it to my advantage since the inevitable ride smasher will arrive the end of next month. I got cranking on the SS once again and headed on blue, that trail is so rocky and getting wider by the hour but it's still pretty fun. Caught myself yawning again half way through the ride and got it to stop after 10 minutes thankfully. It was warmer today but still very nice cool sessions on the downhills. I was really missing having my dog with me on trail, he use to be on every single ride with me and I miss it. Since tick season is under control now, he is going on more rides with me. I finished with 12 miles on the clock and then went on with the rest of work that day. Loving the SS steel ride more and more, holding up very well so far for cheap wheels n hubs.
Did know this issue was still in order????I ignored it like any good biker....whoops

Case end o summer

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