Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Dem Rubberz

Love me some WTB Prowler MX. This is one of two sets I have used from them over the last two years. They were ludicrously cheap on for like 15$ a piece so how could I pass that up. They are pretty wide stuff since I got 2.5" which is not what many people put on their all mountain machines. I found with the added width it was a little slower, but more footprint so more traction for me. Knobs were in an organized factor to maximize rolling smooth. I love WTB I have been far impressed by every product from this company. The sidewalls far exceeded any other tire, little to no wear. My low mile ardent tires have already shown sidewall wear after 10 or so rides where the prowlers appear to be bulletproof. I ran down the tread in the middle of the tire before the side knobs were ready to retire but I got good life out of these tires.

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