Sunday, December 9, 2018

Scorpion Trail

Here we are, into December and it's cruising fast! The weather has been fantastic, the riding quite good and all things. I saw a ew section of trail people were riding last weekend so I went out to see what it was like. I parke and had a loop in mind, it turned out it was quite good loop as I rode The NRA trails to High Horse which was soooo good riding in the other direction which was alot more fun. Then I returned on Wild Horse happily on a marvelous desert morning. I located the new Scorpion trail and off I went, it was a mild Downhill trail with some berms dips and turns, by the end of it I was hoping for a new return trail which is in the works I hear, I returned back up it and then passed my car to add up a 15 mile Monday morning jaunt. New trail was good for what they have to work with, high horse is where the $$$ is at in my opinion.

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