Monday, June 15, 2015

Park City

  Have you heard me sat I love Park City before? Well I do! I have gotten out three times this eason now and it always leaving me begging for more. This ride was going to be 2-3 hours on some stuff I have ridden and a lot of stuff I have not. The ultimate mission was to make it up to Bow Hunter and back down as creatively as possible. We got a good start heading uphill by 6am and my friend was with me for this one. We climbed as the sun hit the ski resort and glorified the trails in morning light, I had only a few hours of sleep but it was going to be a good day. We climbed Deer Crest to Mid Mountain and then to Team Big Bear. Here the climb steepened but still very comfortable on the single speed. Then the Flagstaff where the trail mellowed out and finally got some relief as we twist and turned through the wonderful Aspens. The trail opened to a meadow, a huge meadow and I could see trails scattered everywhere. We climbed on beautiful single track until I found Bow Hunter. As it climbed it began to round a big potato head. The view looking down on Jordanelle was incredible, the trail would offer 360 degree views of awesome as we rode on. After Bow Hunter was done we headed for Corvair which lead to TG and that was a blast to ride at a good rate down the mountain but not too harsh on the rigid. Then a few more options as we were out of time and had to ditch other options it was Corsair to Mid Mountain to Little Chief to Empire Link. By now I was checking the map like a mad man trying to put together the rest of the loop. Came to a pretty confusing interection known as Ontario Ridge where many trails split off and I went for the closest route to the road since our trail for Rossi Hill would intersect as long as we made right hand turns. I knew I was missing good trail but the route was more important. Made a risky turn onto a trail and turned out across the street from the trail I needed. A scramble across the road and found Rossi, know ride this sucker till the hairpin and that would be it. I was relieved when we ended up where I wanted, it was more work than I expected to ride the planned loop. Look forward to learning the trails better this year, hope to get back up there soon!

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