Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Herry Tuesday

      Nothing too fancy on this one as usual, took my single speed with me and was really moving on the trail, I was feeling pretty good now I got my single speed legs back last week and I remember how fast this bike is! The Fire Break trail is killed, trail closed sign went up and I decided to get just one last ride on it before I accept it is for good. The trail was clear all the way except a bunch of rocks some dingleberry placed all over the trail but they were easily avoided. I passed a no trespassing sign, again I should have turned around but just wanted one last ride. Dropped down the gully and up Black Ridge I went wondering if the backside would be closed as well. As I passed over the ridge I found no sign so happily dropped in on a choppy downhill for the belltown. I took the last turn and headed for broke and sure enough ran into the foundation as I thought I might. An easy walk around the foundation and I was back on my normal route and off for Juniper loop. That loop went mega fast and found myself with 15 extra minutes to ride which was astonishing, I rode that fast! I rode some of the first roads to kill time and explore and then happily pedaled to the car for 14 miler.

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