Sunday, June 28, 2015

Monday Morning House and Back Ride

        Looking for something different but not to drive, I rode form the house thru Dimple Dell early Monday morning. It was a early morning yet again but cooler and happy to ride. It was a boring rip up the wide path layered in mulch but thankfully not sand! Once I reached the Quarry trail I was happy to be on firm ground and climbing to my goal. It came a lot easier than I expected, I was at the top in no time and then bombing down trying not to prematurely break my frame. Happy to say none of that happened and was a speedy ride back to Dimple Dell where I scared a horse that has not had the fortune to meet a bike yet. He was spooked and the rider was even more as I am sure she feared for her life on a 1,000 pound unpredictable animal. I stopped and let them know I was present and followed the instruction of the fat ass on her horse that wasn't scared of bikes. She told me to continue slow and then stop. The horse still very nervous moved all round in sketchiness. Then proceed again this time past the horse and all was well. I was really glad the horse didn't throw her or run off since I would feel to blame even with the fat asses instructions. Onwards I took a wrong turn and ended up missing a little of the good side of the river section but got the tail end of it. Pedaling back on pavement I really enjoyed that ride! Might have to repeat it next week we shall see.

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