Sunday, June 28, 2015

Crest round two

  Off again in the early morning, this time with my friend and a shuttle vehicle to do the Crest the lazy but good way. We left my car at the Mill D Trailhead and drove up to Guardsman with our bikes. I was looking forward to a nice morning in the high hills with a pretty mellow climbing ride. The sun had just rose at we pulled the bikes off the car and the orange fireball had not yet warmed the upper elevations which made it very comfy up there. A quick rip along the bypass and we were climbing Puke Hill. I was behind my homie as I was worn and was wondering how I was going to do making it up, but armed with gears we both climbed pretty easily to the top, a lot easier than I can ever remember. Took in the view and with no other riders in sight we had it all to ourselves. It was a speedy ride tot he Spine and we dropped in, my friend took the legit route and rode it solid, I was impressed since I have not ridden with him much but he has the skills. I wanted more ride but didn't really want to head out and back to Millcreek so opted for a short climb above desolation lake and found a nice spot to sit for a good 20 and relax. This is a rare things for me on rides, so it was nice to take a bit and soak in the smells and views.
      Then a quick ride down to Desolation Lake and one fun fun ride down Mill D to the shuttle car. It went all too fast and was pretty fun. Passed a few uphill riders and hikers but no head on collisions to report. I miss Millcreek, it looks like the construction will prevent me from getting this lush millcreek only rides that I hold so dear.

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